What you need to have in Mexico, whenever and wherever. This is whether consumer items or machinery, whether by consolidated cargo, full container or conventional cargo. Fimasa offers you tailored solutions for all questions about maritime transport.

In Fimasa we are able to offer you the best alternatives to fly your cargo to and from Mexico. If you have the need to urgently fly your cargo, we can fly it with extraordinary service from the first European cities, guaranteeing the arrival in Mexico in less time than the traditional one.

As specialists in project loading, we plan and design transit routes, process permits before government entities and normally the teams go with a self-guide. With our extensive network of correspondents especially in Europe, in the United States, but also in other parts of the world, we guarantee the most accurate and timely collection or delivery of your merchandise.

To make possible the transport of overweight and overweight cargo, it is necessary to know the appropriate means of transport for a good execution.

We have associated Customs Agents at all borders and all Mexican ports, as well as at the International Airport of Mexico City and the most important Airports within the Mexican Republic.

We execute under the highest quality standards, the customs clearance of your import and export goods in a safe and efficient manner according to the needs of each of our customers, in order to achieve your satisfaction.

In order to safeguard the value of your merchandise during your transport, we can recommend and coordinate the international transport insurance of your goods.

We have trained personnel in everything related to foreign trade, we also have external advisors who can advise us at any time on the changes in the matter.

As an intergal part of our services to foreign trade, we have extensive experience in terms of merchandise packaging and loading and unloading maneuvers.

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